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(80) Mertz Coins 1792-2019 Pocket Book Directory WHOLESALE

(80) Mertz Coins 1792-2019 Pocket Book Directory WHOLESALE

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This order includes 75 copies of The Mertz Coins Pocket Book Directory of Mintage Figures™


Retail: $9.95

The Mertz Coins Pocket Book Directory of Mintage Figures™ was born as a result of Bob Mertz’s personal need for an easy to use reference guide that enabled him to quickly and easily access mintage figures of all U.S. general circulation coins while bouncing around Ebay searching and bidding on their numerous coin listings. Bob immediately realized that if such a directory existed and was compact enough to fit into a shirt or pants pocket, this handy book would work wonderfully at conventions and there would be no need to carry around other bulkier publications.

In addition to the all important general circulation and proof strike mintage figures for the full series of general circulation U.S. coins and Bullion Series listed by date and mint marks, Mertz Coins Mintage Directory™ contains an assortment of other vital information that includes:

  • Name of the designer
  • Date range for each coin variety
  • Gold, silver, copper, nickel and other metal content
  • Weight
  • Edge details
  • Years and mintmarks
  • Mints and dates of operation
  • Mint mark legend showing location of mint marks on all coins
  • Varieties for each date when applicable
  • Bullion series
  • A handy Table of Contents
  • A complete Index

Not listed in Mertz Coins Mintage Directory™ are Commemorative Coins,  Medallions and pricing. Prices change constantly and often so rapidly that no printed publication can keep up with these changes, no matter their frequency. Further, there are numerous sources that contain an assortment of wholesale, retail, sight seen and unseen prices plus other criteria. Unlike the myriad of other publications available to dealers, coin investors and collectors, Mertz Coins Mintage Directory™ has limited its data to just the essentials and as a result will retain its value year after year.

We have priced Mertz Coins Mintage Directory™ at a very modest retail price of $9.95 with wholesale pricing on additional copies so that everyone can and will purchase this unique and essential publication. As they say in the produce aisle at your local supermarket, “Stack ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap!” Order today!